In 2009, The South Asian Idea begins to offer a new service – Ask a Question. You ask a question; we provide the answer.

The South Asian Idea covers a lot of subject areas – Development, Governance, Religion, and Modernity are among the major themes. Still, our posts cannot anticipate every question you might have; and when you need an answer in a hurry you might not know which post to access.

Therefore, we are experimenting with this new and direct rapid response service – Ask a Question.

If you have a question that you would like answered, send it to us and we will provide the best answer we can in the shortest time possible. Our team includes highly trained professionals and academics who have many years of work experience in South Asia and abroad. The range of experience covers the liberal arts, the social sciences, the natural sciences, engineering and medicine.

Your questions can pertain to any subject not necessarily limited to the major themes of The South Asian Idea. The questions can be of general interest or about some specific homework assignment. You might want guidance on writing an essay or on preparing for a debate—we will give it a try.

As an example, our post Is Corruption Good or Bad? was a direct response to a request from a student participating in a debate with the proposition ‘Corruption greases the wheels of development; it benefits the rich and poor alike.’

You have two ways of sending your question. You can post it in the comment box below; that would enable other readers to provide their inputs as well. Or you could email it to us at and we would provide the answer only to you.

We are excited to be pioneering this service. Let us run it as an experiment for three months to see if it meets a demand amongst school and college students.

We are ready for your questions.

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