Blk support / 17.01.2022

31 Evidence You’re An Attraction Geek. You don’t utilize medications or alcohol

You’re a nerd? At the least you’re perhaps not an alcoholic, pothead, cocaine servant, or moving meth in your blood vessels. Hence most likely in addition less likely to be on Psych meds. Then direct their nerdiness towards a spare time activity like seduction or collection? Perhaps not a bad idea, it’ll enhance your social life and esteem, while helping you possess the nerd interior.

Choose for yourself which of those points is positive or unfavorable. Then count the amount of “Yes” feedback you have got.

You don’t need medication or liquor

Whenever you can develop state and great attitude from the inside as opposed to requiring liquor or medication, then it’s demonstrably an optimistic.

Choose spending time with some other seducers

You may spend a lot of time with seducers and pickup musicians, as opposed to chilling with men beyond your seduction society. You straight away feel a substantial bond with users, PUA’s and various other attraction nerds.