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In a follow-up concern, the vocalist is requested whether she'd "ever get back together with an ex."

Dove Cameron recently revealed her commitment status and hinted acquiring back together previous sweetheart was a possibility.

In videos published by mirror Fair, the actress/singer is visible undergoing a rest detector examination. Throughout examination, Cameron was expected if fixing your relationship with an ex may be beneficial. To which this lady answer was, "it varies according to the ex."

Cameron, with a little smile on her behalf face, stated, "it depends in the ex."

Interestingly, the polygraph tester classed the lady answer as being "questionable." But while responding to among the many earlier questions, Cameron refuted actually ever obtaining right back together with her ex.

The Relationship between Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty

In an interview with ET Online, the singer-actress spoken of their split along with her former boyfriend, Thomas Doherty, at length. Through the June 7 meeting, she talked how she was "in a very bad location, like a very, really worst location" after splitting up aided by the Brit star.

The breakup was largely general public and arrived after online dating for four ages. Talking about this lady songs career additionally the track 'LazyBaby' particularly, she informed ET exactly how she "needed a thing that would definitely see myself from where I happened to be, in the mourning process, in to the opposite side."

Speaking further about their divorce from star, Cameron shown how she was actually "alone" throughout pandemic, which avoided folks from coming up to Canada to see their and vice-versa.

Cameron reported how the woman search for comfort led the lady to write the girl song 'LazyBaby,' which gradually cured the girl and directed her toward the way of catharsis.