Good Grief review / 13.01.2022

“Donald Trump is certainly not representative of Republican Party that I fell so in love with.”


“i really believe its clear…that Trump’s responsible for incitement of insurrection. We need to send a note that this just isn't getting tolerated within republic. The Easiest Method To do that should nip this within the bud and convict Trump.”


“We all saw how it happened to the investment on the united states. It absolutely was a nightmare – it's still a nightmare. Truly incomprehensible. It Should never ever happen once more.”


“i do believe [Trump] ought to be taken off company for inciting the riots that took place”

“I’m urging everybody to contact your state and regional associates, and encourage them to turn out and declare that Joe Biden got the fair champion of this election.”


“I’m a believer in Lord Jesus Christ, I’m pro-American, and a Republican. The events which taken place on Capitol Hill generate me personally upset along with saddened. I pray and wish our Vp needs the best (actions) to save lots of the nation, in addition to to save the celebration.”

“I’m an old-fashioned, have become for several my 63 age, and I am today an ex-Republican. Actually, I was a Republican until three weeks ago…Trump needs to be eliminated now…he has to be removed before he do anymore problems for the united states.”

“Republicans need to face the results. There can’t end up being any unity whenever we just pretend that this never occurred.”


“He has attacked all of our democracy and he should be presented responsible … This guy just isn't also planning to show up to your inauguration. That's unheard-of. What kind of person do that?”


“Trump’s terminology bring ignited the worst areas of the united states … What happened down in Arizona last week only produces myself sick.”


“I inquire the leadership from the United States Senate another to Arizona. We’re in a crisis. Impeach Donald Trump.”


“We must never ever enable this to happen again and we also must hold-all exactly who assisted accountable …But most of all, we must keep Trump responsible.