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At that time, Underwood refuted are gay to his dad

All over eighth quality, Underwoods grandfather watched anything on their sons pc that brought up a banner. aˆ?Gay pornography is kind of the thing I gravitated towards,aˆ? Underwood acknowledges, clenching their jaw.

aˆ?I just said that I was wondering and I also is discovering and merely searching,aˆ? Underwood says. aˆ?I remember creating that conversation with your being like, aˆ?simply do not inform mommy.aˆ?

After college or university football, Underwood inserted the NFL draft, are signed as a no cost agent because of the San Diego Chargers, subsequently signing up for the Philadelphia Eagles exercise team in addition to Oakland Raiders. Their unique homophobia just drove him further in to the closet.

Before aˆ?The Bachelor,aˆ? within his mid-20s, Underwood got several sexual activities with people, he reveals

aˆ?Growing upwards in football, I became instructed that gay was wrong and homosexual try poor and baseball members commonly homosexual,aˆ?