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The vocalist performed still date Ghalib till 2008, followed by their somewhat quick and unanticipated connection ended

J.R. Rotem ended up being most likely more of a rebound for Spears, while they hardly lasted a few months. It's the easiest way to conquer somebody, also it most likely indicates she wasn't unfaithful ever since the partnership with Rotem failed to seem to be very big for her!

Both parted approaches after a quick several months in 2007, and it did actually work since she never did rekindle their flame with her ex-husband.

Isaac Cohen

After this lady relationships ended, Britney Spears went on for some flings, together next union after Rotem becoming with model Isaac Cohen. She appears to have a kind because many pointed out the parallels between Cohen along with her ex-husband Kevin Federline's feeling of preferences!

Two Extremely Busy Everyone

Sometimes, proper people, incorrect energy was something! Despite Isaac Cohen and Britney Spears' whirlwind love relatively being filled up with passion, both had busy schedules and were not capable handle a relationship in between all the disorder. They were merely also active.

The happy couple had an amicable break-up and remained friendly later. Break-ups never have to-be screaming, yelling, and dirty divorces!