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Very similar to the chauffeur provider, I have usually viewed health spa providers offered at companies class lounges

Tip 8: 100 % free rub medication available course Lounge

Much like the chauffeur service, You will find frequently viewed day spa providers provided by businesses lessons lounges. We practiced this the very first time during a long layover in Abu Dhabi. We figured I experienced the amount of time to really make the most of a business course airline, consider. After getting a snack and monitoring e-mail, we lined up a free of charge mini feet massage therapy. It absolutely was just a quarter-hour, it was actually worth it. My personal legs ended up being slightly fatty from the massage therapy, but don’t worry about it. I was capable remedy that easily.

Suggestion 9: complimentary shower enclosures in the commercial course Lounge

We'd a number of hr layover between two seven-hour routes on all of our journey from Dublin to Kuala Lumpur. In this instance, it absolutely was such a pleasure to bring a shower inside lounge. I believe there will be something so decadent about showering at an airport, particularly during the Etihad company class lounge. I had a private restroom, an enormous rainfall bath, hot-water, new bath towels, detergent, hair care, and even a hairdryer.