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Does Keemstar continue to have a sweetheart? Crisis alarm hostaˆ™s video clip explained

Keemstar, aka Daniel Keem, isn't any stranger to controversies and crisis. The YouTuber possess located themselves in the course of many feuds on enough events in past times.

He recently locked horns with internet superstar Trisha Paytas, after disclosing that he ended up being matchmaking anybody nearly twenty years young than him.

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Who is Keemstar's rumoured sweetheart?

The 39-year-old didn't label the puzzle woman inside the above Instagram image. However, eagle-eyed enthusiasts happened to be rapid to sleuth away the lady title and found her socials.

If the said fans can be believed, Keemstar's rumoured sweetheart is russian brides actually Christine Youngman. She's got over 2,000 fans on Instagram but her account remains private currently. Their social handle reveals that the woman is at first from Austin, Colorado, but resides in Buffalo, nyc today.

The Youtuber presumably met the woman at a fan meet up, which she had attended together with her buddy. The YouTuber has additionally uncovered that she was not acquainted with him or their web fame once they initial came across.

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Crisis with Trisha Paytas explored

Since the guy produced his relationship community, the Drama alarm host have discover himself amid debate. He secured horns with fellow YouTuber Trisha following second uploaded a video clip on August 5 communicating about Keemstar's potential sweetheart.

Trisha slammed Keemstar for aˆ?manipulating and brushing somebody who got plenty young than him.aˆ?