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Information had been imported into SAS 9.1 (Cary, NC) for analyses. Due to the restricted quantity of individuals (letter = 6) into the “other” category of the race/ethnicity adjustable, these individuals had been fallen through the analyses, yielding a complete sample of 202 girls.

To evaluate whether there were variations in many years of initiation by race/ethnicity and variations in amount of time between many years of initiation for the various intimate habits by race/ethnicity (objective 3), a consistent measures analysis of variance ended up being carried out difference that is using chronilogical age of dental sex initiation and chronilogical age of genital intercourse initiation since the consistent measure and race/ethnicity joined as being a predictor.

Finally, to determine whether or perhaps not dental and sex that is anal had been predictive of negative outcomes (objective 4), we carried out split logistic regressions predicting STI history and maternity history. Each kind of intimate behavior ( ag e.g., had offered dental intercourse) had been entered combined with the covariates of age and race/ethnicity into separate logistic regression models to anticipate STI history. Comparable regression that is logistic had been designed to anticipate maternity history.


The mean age associated with the test had been 18.2 doДџrudan kaynaktan years (sd = 1.93). Twenty-six % (n = 53) had been white, 43% (letter = 86) ended up being African-American, and 31% (n = 63) Hispanic. White girls (suggest = 18.9 years, sd = 1.80) had been dramatically more than the African-American (mean = 18.1 years, sd = 1.96) and Hispanic girls (mean = 17.7 years, sd = 1.83) (F = 6.00, p dining dining Table 1 ) When managing for age, African-American girls were .07 (CI .03, .18) times since likely as white girls and .28 (.13, .58) times because likely as Hispanic girls to possess provided sex that is oral.