As an Urdu speaker, I have found the following roadmap the most effective in learning Hindi:

1. The first 20 lessons from the Ukindia Learn to Read Hindi Website. My recommendation is to pick up the basics and ignore anything that seems to complicated or is mentioned only for the sake of completeness. For example, Hindi has letters for compound sounds of which only a few are commonly used. The beginner can ignore the rest for a later stage.

2. Use the excellent Devanagari Script Tutor developed by the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) if you wish to see how to draw/write the letters and hear how they are verbalized.

3. Use the New York University Virtual Hindi Website to begin reading. The graded stories from very easy to difficult are ideal to learn as you go. You can hear the stories as well to correct your pronunciation. The meanings of unfamiliar words are also provided.

4. This course prepared by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

5. From Columbia University: The newly createdHindi Audio-Visual Module Projectserves as an innovative resource for teachers and learners of Hindi. The stunning and colorful video clips are based on real life situations with varied linguistic, social and cultural contents. They are short, unscripted, unrehearsed and offer samples of spontaneous and authentic Hindi speech. Based on ACTFL guidelines and National Standards (5Cs), the modules can be used to engage students in the two modes of communication (that is; interpretive and presentation) in a classroom to improve students communicative skills.  

The STARTALK Hindi Audio-Visual Module Project introduces 42 thematic modules. Shot in Jaipur, its neighborhoods and Pushkar, these modules include situations in urban and rural locations with native speakers of different background, age and gender in different authentic cultural settings.

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